"down-to-earth" ontspanning en pijnbestrijding

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 tension and relieve pain with a massage that follows a set pattern that eases tension over the whole body, stimulating blood circulation overall. (OM & petrissage). 

Full Body Massage, draws the best 'moves' from a number of recognised techniques, such as: Petrissage & Shihatsu. 

Every part of the body is connected to each other. In some ways, it makes no sense to speak of different 'parts' of the body. ​​ Rather than treating specific pains or 'knots' in specific areas, the Full Body Relaxation Massage I offer follows a set pattern that eases tension over the whole body stimulates overall blood circulation, and releases tension and restores tissue flexibility.

But make no mistake, this massage is relaxing but it is not a time to sleep. I'm not simply going to rub in a bit of oil and then glide my hand over you. Expect a fair amount of pressure, which I carefully adapt based on the needs and response of your body. ​

Symptoms & Benefits 

  1. Psychological/emotional benefits
  2. Improved blood circulation
  3. Improved mood
  4. Reduced anxiety
  5. Lower stress levels
  6. Lessening of depression
  7. Reduced anger and aggression
  8. Improved sleep patterns and decreased sleep disturbance 
  9. Reduced fatigue
  10. Physiological benefits
  11. Enhanced immune system
  12. Improved athletic performance and enhances recovery